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Prayer For Spiritual Communion

What do we do with the Churches closed? What do we do during this time of tragedy? 

The Coronavirus has made it difficult to come together in person but it hasn't destroyed us or our ability to take Spiritual Communion. 

You can take Spiritual Communion any time and hopefully during this time of not being able to take the physical body, blood, soul, and divinity of Jesus Christ in the Eucharist, will make us long for Him all the more. And in the meantime we can pray this beautiful prayer of Spiritual Communion adapted from St. Faustina's Act of Oblation. 

The 4 Way Prayer of Forgiveness

The Four Way Forgiveness Prayer is a powerful tool of not only releasing someone into the care and keeping of God, which is really what forgiveness is, but also releasing ourselves and than blessing them and ourselves, but leaving the results to God, not wanting to cling on and fix it ourselves. It's such a powerful tool of prayer!  

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