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From Worry to Wonder, A Catholic Guide
to Finding Peace Through Scripture

The Scriptural antidote to worry. It’s so practical! 7 quick chapters that explain the “Worry-To-Wonder Checklist” which are the 7 daily steps to take to break free from crippling worry into a life of freedom. Plus a “Worry-To-Wonder Toolkit” and a 40 day journal to help turn good intentions into life transforming habits. The foreword is by the amazing Jeff Cavins and endorsed by Bishop Byrne and a renown Catholic Therapist, Christine Fauci Wittman. It will help you dwell on the Answer, not the problems and by God’s grace to stop worrying and start Living in the peace of Christ. I know it works-it’s been tested by fire in my own life.


Jesus Discovered in the Old Testament

Museum of the Bible Talk

God Loved You Before Time Began!

Watch my talk, Jesus Discovered in the Old Testament, from the Museum of the Bible in Washington, DC. I’ll unpack the Bible from Genesis through the Gospels showing how Jesus is revealed over and over again. Listen to see how

God loved YOU before time began!


Melissa Overmyer is a dynamic Catholic evangelist who believes God is constantly communicating truths about Himself. As the founder of Something Greater Ministries, she seeks to serve God by creating opportunities for people to encounter God through prayer, scripture study, community, and the teachings, traditions, and spirituality of the Catholic Church. The story of her conversion to Catholicism was published in her book, Metamorphosis of a Soul. Her second book: Born to Soar, Unleashing God's Word in Your Life is a Scripture and Prayer Journal which draws spiritual insights from the miraculous life cycle of the Monarch Butterfly. And her most current book, From Worry to Wonder, A Catholic Guide to Finding Peace Through Scripture, out with Ascension Press is a scriptural antidote to worry. It comes complete with all you need, by God’s grace, to enable you to stop worrying and start living in the peace of Christ.Melissa has been a Scripture study teacher for more than thirty years, and founded the Georgetown Women’s Bible Study, an interdenominational women’s scripture study, twenty-seven years ago. Each day Melissa publishes a new video sharing a reflection and application of the daily readings and blogs at SomethingGreater.net. She loves her husband, family and leading pilgrimages to the Holy Land. Tune in and be encouraged today!